PART A: (Private & Individual Mediations) 

Minimum retainer €1500 plus VAT with additional days to be priced on request. 

* Under this heading the following mediations will be included: - 

(a) Family law mediations; 

(b) Succession/estate disputes (these may also fall under Part B for larger or more complex estates) 

(c) Nuisance and/or trespass disputes (Depending on the preparation time and other factors these may be dealt with under Part B)

(d) Employment disputes for small companies; 

(e) Community and/or neighbour disputes; 

(f) Miscellaneous disputes.”

PART B: (Commercial & Insurance Litigation)

Minimum retainer is from €2,000 plus VAT depending on the case, time involved, complexity, urgency and circumstances. A full quote is available upon request (Email / Telephone).

* Under this heading the following disputes will be mediated: -

(a) Commercial disputes between companies;

(b) Employment disputes within large companies and multi-nationals;

(c) Environmental and Local Authority disputes;

(d) Assessment of personal injury litigation where insurance companies are anxious to access mediation;

(e) Commercial leasing and landlord and tenant disputes;

(f) Shareholder disputes and Section 205 type actions;

(g) Winding up and/or related petitions;

(h) Large debt recovery and/or mediated Bank settlements;

(i) Agricultural disputes with the Department of Agriculture and/or agricultural disputes with Banks or Estate Agents.